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Your Money, Your Goals: A Path to Financial Clarity

Updated: Mar 25

Maximizing Your Entrepreneurial Potential: Insights from Financial Coach Sarah VanHoose

Today, we're diving into a topic that resonates with every entrepreneur: being intentional with your time, talent, and money. Joining us is Sarah VanHoose, a financial coach who specializes in guiding entrepreneurs and goal-getters.

The Entrepreneurial Journey: Time, Talent, and Money

Entrepreneurs often embark on their journey seeking more control over their time and the potential for greater earnings. However, managing time and finances can be challenging. Sarah notes that many entrepreneurs excel in their craft but struggle with balancing time and managing finances. They don't typically start a business to become experts in budgeting, yet financial management becomes crucial for success.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Sarah encounters various challenges her clients face, such as:

  1. Balancing Time and Business Growth: Entrepreneurs often find the time commitment overwhelming, especially when juggling a new business with other responsibilities. Sarah emphasizes the importance of being intentional with time, even more so than with money.

  2. Financial Management: Many entrepreneurs lack a financial background, making money management daunting. Sarah's role is to help organize and create systems for better financial handling.

  3. Pricing and Value: A significant issue is determining what to charge for services or products. Entrepreneurs often undervalue their offerings, not considering aspects like taxes and operating expenses. Sarah helps reframe their mindset around pricing and value.

Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship

Sarah stresses the interconnection between personal finance and business. Understanding one's history with money is crucial. She delves into how clients grew up with money, which influences their current financial behaviors. This understanding helps in crafting strategies tailored to both their personal and business finances.

Profit First Methodology

For business budgets, Sarah advocates the Profit First methodology by Mike Michalowicz. This approach simplifies cash flow management into clear categories, making it easier for entrepreneurs to manage their finances effectively.

Your Money, Your Goals: A Path to Financial Clarity

Understanding the need for flexible learning options, Sarah offers "Your Money, Your Goals," a 90-day course with 12 months of support. This program is ideal for self-starters who prefer managing their budgeting on their schedule. It covers finance fundamentals and provides direct access to Sarah for guidance.

Looking Ahead: Expanding Impact

As demand grows, Sarah plans to train past clients as coaches, ensuring they align with her coaching style and philosophy. This expansion aims to reach more people needing financial guidance.

Connect with Sarah

For those eager to take control of their financial journey, connect with Sarah on Instagram (@journeytoinfluence) or visit her website at Whether you're struggling with pricing, budgeting, or balancing personal and business finances, Sarah's expertise can pave the way for a more intentional and prosperous entrepreneurial journey.



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