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Why Podshark Media?


We are a digital media agency that provides full-service social media management and podcasting designed for home service businesses looking to increase their revenue and market reach.


Pod Shark Media is built for home service professionals, by home service professionals. We help you consistently show up in front of your ideal client, increase revenue, and become the GO-TO expert in your industry. 


Our Core Values

Have Fun

Who doesn't love to have fun?! If your parents or grandparents were anything like ours, that was usually the last thing that got said when leaving the house  "have fun & be safe!" I suppose it just stuck & made total sense to add it as a core value. In our opinion, if you're not having fun what's the point? We guarantee to make your experience fun, & show up with joy & a smile! Life's too short to not have fun! 
core values be honest
core values have fun

Be Honest

Our mama's always said, "honesty is always the best policy." We live by this rule! Integrity & honesty are of the utmost importance when it comes to helping you craft the perfect podcast for your listeners.  We hold this to an incredibly high standard. Plus, not being honest isn't fun, so it breaks core value number one. 

Find Solutions

We coin ourselves on being solution seekers! We pour this phrase into all things that we do and speak it into our team! We understand that things happen, but we do our very best to find solutions and communicate appropriately. 
core values find solutions
core values be respectful

Be Respectful

We know it's our duty to live by the golden rule. Do one to others as you would have them do unto you.

Ready to take your online platforms to the next level?

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